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08.05.2024 - Cole-Pokal 2024 - Tag 2 Masters II/III DCBA
Hier sind nun auch die Fotos vom 2. Tag des Cole-Pokal. Am Sonntag tanzten die Klassen D/C/B/A der Masters II und III um die Pokale. Lars und Susanne Freundenberg (Foto) waren am Sonntag erneut am Start und konnten sich wie am Samstag zum zweiten Mal den Sieg in der Masters III B ertanzen. Die exBerliner tanzen jetzt für Norderstedt.



06.05.2024 - Cole-Pokal 2024 - Tag 1 Masters III DCBAS, Masters IV AS, Masters V S Standard
Am ersten Tag des traditionellen Cole-Pokals beim Blau-Weiss Berlin standen die o.g. Startklassen auf dem Programm. Bei meist gut gefüllten Startklassen herrschte eine tolle Stimmung in der Halle. In der A-Klasse der Masters III gewannen Christian Kuschel und Heike Marx (Foto) aus Berlin souverän und rückten dem Aufstieg in die S-Klasse einen Schritt näher.



21.04.2024 - Berlin Dance Festival - Day 3 (Sunday) - WDSF EC 10 Dance Senior I and Int. Open Latin Adults
And here are my last photos of Berlin Dance Festival. For me it was a photo preparing marathon this weekend. But now I’m ready and happy. The third day was as usual a little bit shorter. Only two competitions. The morning starts with 19 couples of the Europeans 10 Dance for Seniors I. And at the end the vice world champions 10 Dance Fabian Wendt and Anne Steinmann (photo) from Berlin won this competition. The victory in the second competition in latin dances goes to Bremen. The vice German Champions Daniel Dingis & Alessia-Allegra Gigli won all dances.



21.04.2024 - Berlin Dance Festival - Day 2 (Saturday) - WDSF EC Senior II and Open Adults & Juniors II Std, Youth Latin
Day 2 of Berlin Dance Festival 2024. Four competitions and three first places of German couples! German Winners: Yahor Boldysh & Irina Averina (Dresden, Int. Open Standard Adults), Dimitrii Kalistov & Luna Maria Albanese (Bremen, Open Latin Youth) and Kiril Alexander Denius & Jana Milicevic (Düsseldorf, Open Standard Juniors II).
The largest starting field was at the European Seniors II Championship with 87 couples. After five rounds the winners were clear: Tomas Rimkus & Nerija Surblyte from Lithuania. The Berliners Fabian Lohauß & Simone Braunschweig (photo), still in 5th place at the 2023 World Championship, were unfortunately unable to reach the final. In the end they came in 11th place.



20.04.2024 - Berlin Dance Festival - Day 1 (Friday) - WDSF Senior I and III Standard
The pictures of the first day of Berlin Dance Festival 2024 are ready! The Seniors III Standard kicked off in the arena of the Max-Schmeling-Halle in a WDSF Open ranking on 12.04.2024. 111 couples from 12 nations took part. The competition was nested with the WDSF Open ranking of the 24 Senior I Standard couples. In the end there were German victories in both tournaments. As expected, the Seniors I won the runner-up world champions Fabian Wendt and Anne Steinmann from Berlin. In the Seniors III, victory went to Nuremberg with Ingo Bauer and Sandra Fürsattel (photo).
Please note! I only took photos in the big arena! Photos of hall C will follow on the website of AR Fotografie.



29.03.2024 - Berlin Open - Country- and Linedance in Hohen Neuendorf (Sunday)
Day 3 of the Berlin Open... On the last day of the tournament there was again Couples Dance, Linedance Open, Social and Classic to see. Dancing at the highest level. The awards concluded the tournament very punctually, to the delight of the participants who had traveled. We are looking forward to March 14th, 2025, when it will be time again: The Berlin Open starts!
Ute Hahn from Saxony (photo) was the only star dancer who presented her medley to the audience. Ute moved up to the Star Division at the Worlds last summer in Belgium. You could see that she was in her element when she performed her freestyle.

Here are the photos from day 3. Now all photos can be seen here in the galleries on my website.



25.03.2024 - Berlin Open - Country- and Linedance in Hohen Neuendorf (Saturday)
Early in the morning the second day of Berlin Open starts. It was a day full of Linedance Social - Classic - Modern, Teams, Latin Solo, the Kids Challenge, the first awards and the great show in the evening. Here are the photos of the competitions during the day.
Photo: Winner of Linedance Classic Adult Intermediate Male and the Latin Solo Competition Rico Dietzsch (Germany).



22.03.2024 - Berlin Open - Country- and Linedance in Hohen Neuendorf (Friday)
Last weekend it was finally time again. The townhall of Hohen Neuendorf near Berlin opened its doors to the dancers of the Berlin Open in country and line dancing. I was there again for the 13th time and was able to follow the dancing of the international dancers from seven nations with my camera.
In the photo Luise Dethlefsen and Clara von der Weppen (Germany), the winners in the Partner Dance Classic Teen divison.